2012 London Olympics Predictor App


Agency design work to help bring alive a top tier sponsor’s involvement in the Olympics.

I worked on the UI & UX side of the project to develop a progressive interface for the app, setting a new standard in app design with vivid, well-crafted icons and deep attention to detail.


Samsung wanted to mark their sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics by enhancing the way fans experience major sporting events through their mobile device.

London 2012 - the world’s first smartphone Olympics.
A huge rise in ‘dual screening’ whilst watching a live TV event.
Gamification makes content more compelling.


Somewhat defined the brand platform: Make Spectating a Sport to encompass the experience of adding a layer of social interaction and gaming around the Olympics.

The Samsung London 2012 Predictor app was the expression of the platform, let fans take part by planning and predicting on Olympic events. Tying in with Samsung’s brand promise ‘Everyone’s Olympic Games’, and bringing out the best of Samsung's Android devices.

Integrated with Facebook; to share your results, play against Facebook friends and view bespoke Facebook leader-board.


  • Competitive Predicting
  • Play against friends
  • Live results
  • Play for your country

Somewhat wanted to create a live mobile gaming experience for the London 2012 Olympic Games, by building an app that allowed people to plan their Olympic experience and compete against their friends by predicting medal winners. Fans could compete for their country by predicting medal winners, and join a global leader-board, or just compete against their friends.

Over 5,000 downloads per day
Over 47% installs active on user's devices during the Olympic Games